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  1. 2009.04.19 winAUTOPWN v1.9 - "Unpolished Sita Release"
link : http://winautopwn.co.nr

Features :

- Contains already custom-compiled executables of famous and effective exploits alongwith a few original exploits.
- No need to debug, script or compile the source codes.
- Scans all ports 1 - 65535 after taking the IP address and tries all possible exploits according to the list of discovered open ports (OpenPorts.TXT)
- PortScan is multi-threaded.
- Doesn't require any Database at the back-end like msf
- Can be also be used to test effectiveness of IDS/IPS
- Launched exploits are independent and doesn't rely on service fingerprinting (to avoid evasion, if any)

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